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A Review Of Algolia's Awesome Search API

Two things are definitely true in the world of ecommerce: 1) you can’t sell a product that your customers can’t find and 2) people want to receive their information FAST. Algolia’s search API is a truly innovative search engine that has both Ecommerce companies and customers smiling. At Blue Badger we have integrated this Search as a Service (SaaS) for a bunch of our Ecommerce partners to date, and feel so strongly about its value that we just have to spread the word. Here are some of the most remarkable features of the Algolia search engine:

Incredible Speed

According to Algolia, each search query completed using their search API can run as fast as 1ms-20ms. This basically means that users receive search results in real time - with zero lag. What’s even better is that the search starts at the first keystroke, and is updated in milliseconds as the user is typing. Searching has not only never been this fast, but the responsiveness of this search engine makes searching a truly pleasant customer experience.

Autocomplete & Filtering

Algolia offers autocomplete searching where search results are populated at every keystroke. Search results are nicely presented on a full page, complete with infinite scrolling and a filtering system. By using the filters in place, users can further narrow down a complex search in milli-seconds. Once again Algolia finds a way to speed up the search process and increase the relevancy of searches for its users.

Relevant Search Results

Algolia is capable of full-text search, which means all words within the text fields are examined in order to find the most relevant search results. The search engine quickly sifts through all the data discovered by a query and returns only the most relevant material to the user. Algolia also boasts a unique indexing and ranking algorithm. The algorithm is based on selected criteria which by default provides accurate results for 99% of searches. Should you want to customize the search criteria or the relevancy ranking however, Algolia makes the process easy to do. In fact most of Algolia’s best in class features can be tweaked real-time in their intuitive self-serve dashboard.


The Algolia search engine is out-of-the-box language agnostic. This means that not only are all languages, alphabets, and symbols used throughout the entire world accounted for, but users can search in multi-languages on the same site, with no additional work or accounts on the backend.

Competitive Pricing

Discovering new amazing services and products is exciting, but finding a top-notch service that is also offered at a competitive price can have you doing a happy dance on the boardroom table. As best in class SaaS providers go, Algolia is significantly less costly than all of it's competitors. In fact, it is our experience that Algolia’s entry-level service is priced at approximately 1/20th of the cost of it’s nearest competitor. Depending on the features our ecommerce partners have wanted to integrate into their online shops, all of our clients have been able to adopt Algolia’s search API for between $50-$250 / month.

Ready to get your online search solution up to speed?

If you would like to know more about Algolia’s search API, and how it can work for your Ecommerce business, get in touch with us today.

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