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Our New Office Loft

Blue Badger started operations in February 2013, founded by two friends and former colleagues Jonathan Hiltser & myself, David Benchetrit. We dreamt of creating a development agency where clients would receive superior and more specialized Magento ecommerce services, as compared to what is currently available in the market. At first, we worked out of our homes for a small handful of clients who believed in our ability to not only get the job done, but to get it done well. We powered on, and the work kept coming until eventually we decided that in order to meet the demands of our modest client group, we would have to hire our first full-time employee. This notion of hiring a full time employee was exciting, and it brought with it the realization that if we were going to take Blue Badger forward, we would need an office space where we could work from. We knew that an office space not only meant a daily destination from where the work was completed, but that it held other implications for collaboration, unity, and synergy. So, we picked up, went to ikea, and took home in a small office space, and from there we grew Blue Badger from 2 to 5 full-time & 2 part-time employees.

Proudly, in April 2016 we outgrew our first office space, both in size and in needs. We knew it was time to move into an office that not only provided more breathing room, but that also represented the type of company Blue Badger is, and strives to grow into. We wanted a location that was easily accessible for our employees using public transit. We wanted to be surrounded by other startups, so we could share off that naturally occurring energy. And we wanted to be in a building that could accommodate future growth, as we have big dreams for what Blue Badger can achieve. So we picked up again, went back to ikea, and moved into the beautifully renovated RCA building in St.Henri. Our new office space now accommodates our ever expanding team of 8 full-time employees – with room to grow. Our loft office space is bright, open, and mimics the collaborative and innovative spirit of the Blue Badger agency.

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