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MCOM Training At Magento HQ

This July, the Blue Badger team was invited by Magento to visit their Headquarters in Culver City, California for a training on MCOM - Magento Commerce Order Management. During our training, we had the privilege of meeting the amazing team from Magento Spain, and we received hands-on training for the MCOM platform, including a deep dive into the new Magento Shared Services layer using AMQP to transfer data between MDC (Magento Digital Commerce) and MCOM.

As a Magento development agency that works a great deal with ecommerce companies who use an order management system to manage their online shops, certain features of the MCOM platform really standout as being exceptional:

Click & Collect

This feature of allowing customers to buy online and pick-up in store is a win-win for customers and business alike. Some customers are swayed away from online shopping based solely on the avoidance of shipping fees, so the pick-up in store option encourages this type of online shopper to check-out and feel great about their purchase. Stores also see the value of bringing more foot-traffic into their store because once inside they may entice their shoppers to explore other products.

In-Store Availability

There is nothing more frustrating for shoppers than to view a product online, only to go in-store to find out the product is not in-stock. Making sure the customer experience is frictionless is very important for driving sales and creating a positive brand identity.

Endless Aisle

In the case where a customer is in-store and seeking to purchase a product that is not currently in-stock in that specific location, the endless aisle feature is a powerful tool designed to empower the store associate to “save the sale”, and guide the customer to acquire the desired product from the store brand despite it being immediately unavailable. This feature allows the retail associate to order the desired product from web inventory, or from another store’s inventory, and have it shipped directly to the customer’s home, or to a store of the client’s choosing for later collection.

Ship From Store

This feature allows retailers to in effect act as a warehouse and use in-store inventory for sale online. This may help companies better manage their inventory of products that sell more online than in-store. In this case, store associates themselves are empowered to pick, pack, and ship products from the store to a customer’s residence.


Building powerful inventory aggregates from multiple stores and warehouses enables companies to light up the same piece of inventory on multiple channels while limiting the risks associated with carrying low inventory counts (lost / stolen / damaged & already purchased goods), at any given location.


Enabling companies to orchestrate drop-shipping of their goods from a variety of warehouses who are mandated to ship orders directly to customers.

Want To Know More?

If you would like to find out more about how MCOM works, and whether your growing ecommerce business may benefit from this streamlined solution, get in touch with Blue Badger today and we can walk you through it.

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